Convert EDB to PST

Exchange Servers act as central point where different users keep safe their database and sometimes exchange them for information sake. The exchanged information is credited to user’s system in a single command. In certain situation where user needs them in different formats like PST, MSG, RTF, EML, HTML and TXT files, user has to look for some other utility to make the conversion feasible. In such case a usage of a thirds party EDB to PST tool works perfectly well and responds according to the requirements.

Features of
EDB to PST Tool

To execute the recovery of offline EDB file, implementation of EDB to PST software is needed. The tool not only lets the user convert EDB to PST, but also provides different saving options that save users’ time and resources. Some of the notable features of EDB to PST tool are as follows:

Fixes Offline EDB files and converts them to PST

EDB to PST tool fixes the damaged EDB file, brings it to a healthy state and converts it to other file formats for easier accessibility. This conversion includes conversion of entire mailbox items.

Permits to save individual items

Apart from a feature to convert EDB to PST, the tool progressively permits to save the individual EDB items to MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and TXT files. This feature eases the work of the user by providing the fragmented saving options.

Renowned Recovery Abilities

EDB to PST tool possess sophisticated and advanced recovery facility. The Standard and Advanced Scan techniques ensure critical recovery of Priv and Pub files of EDB format.

Migration to better location

EDB to PST tool is best known for migration of corrected EDB files directly to Live Exchange Server, Office 365 and Public Folders. This feature allows direct access to the concerned file without any issue of incompatibility and corruption.

Ask for EDB Version’ Feature

With this feature, a user can make the swift recovery of affected EDB files just by providing the file version in which the affected EDB file was created.

Supported Versions

To perform every task perfectly, EDB to PST tool supports every version of MS Exchange Server, MS Outlook, Windows OS and Windows Server. This also eliminates every chance of incompatibility due to different file versions.

To convert EDB to PST and other formats, the tool employs a powerful algorithm. This algorithm drives the entire process, which involves participation of Standard and Advanced Scan methods. The critical scan is the part of EDB recovery process which requires no Recovery logs and Exchange Services. During the entire process the data hierarchy is perfectly maintained as it was in the original.

Download Evaluation Version

To convert EDB to PST and access other features of the tool, the user can download the trial version of the tool. The trial version of EDB to PST tool acts like the licensed version with limited saving options. The licensed version of the tool can be purchased once a user is satisfied with the performance of trial version. The licensed version of the tool comes with 30-days money back guarantee upon citing a valid reason.

Technical Requirements Supported Versions
1+ GHz Pentium Processor. MS Exchange Server: 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000/5.5 and 5.0
Minimum Memory: 512 MB. MS Outlook: Office 365/2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/98 and 97
Minimum Free Space: 50 MB. Windows OS: 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT and 95


What exactly EDB to PST tool do?

EDB to PST tool recovers the damaged EDB files and converts them to different formats like PST and other online destinations.

How can the tool be trusted?

To trust the EDB to PST tool, it is suggested to download the trial version that works like licensed version and gives a clear idea about the working of the tool. However, the trial version has some limitations.

Who can use this tool?

EDB to PST tool can be used by any individual irrespective of their knowledge on Exchange Servers. The tool has been designed so simply that no assistance is required to handle the EDB recovery process.

What range of exchange-related errors does the tool resolves?

EDB to PST tool resolves a wide range of exchange-related errors including logical and Database corruption. Basically, the main motive behind designing and development of this tool is to rescue the affected EDB files, bring them in accessible form and if required convert them to other formats for saving in different locations.

Can I view the tool’s working without downloading it?

Absolutely, this can be done by visiting the webpage of EDB to PST tool. Users can watch the related video that clearly presents the working of the tool. Once satisfied with the video, the trial version of the tool can be downloaded to experience the features.

Clients Testimonials

“With the assistance of EDB to PST tool, large volume of EDB files were recovered in their initial state followed by migration to Office 365. Satisfactorily performed dual task with single tool. It saved time and my money.”
Zurin Mark

“EDB to PST Tool managed to rescue the EDB files from diseased state and brought them to their original format. In the menu of the tool different saving options are also present that gives wide choice to relocate the recovered EDB files.”
Mathew Keiv

“Incredible performance and excellent saving options are provided by EDB to PST tool. Nothing to worry about the results. It can be relied.”
Violet Markson

“EDB to PST tool is a promising tool which can be purchased at the minimal cost. It can be tried by downloading the trial version which gives the exact idea about the working of the tool. I made an attempt and found it exemplary.”
Christopher Lynn

“I recovered the offline EDB files in good shape after I used EDB to PST tool. I was unaware of its credentials, but came to know about the same after I worked with it.”
Cathrine Shale